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Led by its creative director, interior designer Julia Day, Julia Day Architectural Interior and Design studio creates spaces with a unique identity. Julia’s aim is to bring authenticity to each project by offering a comprehensive design offering. With over 28 years of experience, Julia is unswayed by the passing dictates of fashion and draws on her love of timeless design, world art, contemporary furniture and natural textures.


Julia’s relationships with artisans, craftsmen and international design brands play an integral role in developing each project capably and timeously. Humour and a passion for objects with a narrative, result in a carefully balanced body of work that creates cohesive spaces with a sense of calm.


Creating habitable spaces with an authentic identity, whether a home, restaurant, hotel or commercial development Julia applies the same creative approach that starts with an intuitive understanding of the lives of the people who will inhabit the space.


Featured Projects

House Pretoria